Concealed Carry Purse Vendor

Concealed Weapon Purses

I saw this great vendor booth at the Prescott Bluegrass Festival today. For my readers in places like CA, NY, MA, etc. concealed carry means a concealed handgun. These purses have a special compartment that functions as a holster. It is easily accessible without having to dig through the contents of one’s purse.

I did not buy one, as I already own two and use one of them daily :-)

Shooting Guns at an IDPA Match

Saturday we went shooting in an IDPA match at the Prescott Action Shooters range in Wilhoit, Az. We do this almost every month, I don’t take photos too often because the all tend to look alike. It was hot in Wilhoit, but we had fun.

That’s me, laying on the ground firing a Glock 9mm at a target array. The target with the black hands on it is a “no shoot”. Shooting from the ground


Shooter firing from behind a barrel
Shooting Behind Cover 1


Another match stage.
IDPA Stage

On this day in 1990, it was 122 degrees in Phoenix

On June 26, 1990 it was 122 degrees in Phoenix Az. I lived there at that time, I remember getting of work in the late afternoon and thinking “It seems even more freakin’ hot than usual”. When I watched the news that evening I found out I was more than correct. They even closed the airport due to heat that day.

My worst Phoenix summer weather experience was in August of 1997, when a “microburst” from a monsoon thunderstorm tore the roof off my house. I was home alone with my black lab Chelsea. The sky turned bluish black, electric power failed (a regular thing in monsoon season), torrential rain fell. Then I heard a howling angry wind like a freight train. The windows rattled, the house started to shake. Tornado? I had never been in one before. Chelsea and I ran into the office in a small downstairs bedroom where the big gun safe was. I sat with my back to it and held the dog, thinking if the house collapsed that big safe should provide some protection from falling debris. We heard a sound like velcro being separated, and then the roof peeled off the house, hung in mid-air for a moment, and then it landed in the street in front of the house and shattered. Shingles, chunks of wood, insulation flew off into another zip code. Scared the you-know-what out of me. I got wet, but not injured. It was then that I seriously started considering relocating out of that area.

I don’t miss Phoenix at all.