Our Bird Larry R.I.P.


Larry, our gray cheek parakeet, died Tuesday night. On Monday he was not himself, on Tuesday he seemed quite ill. He passed during the night on Tuesday.

Gary got Larry in the spring of 2000 from a breeder in San Diego. When he joined us, I had an elderly Labrador Retriever named Chelsea. Larry is a fruit eater, when he finished with a grape or a piece of apple he sometimes flung it out of his cage. Chelsea learned this was a food source, she would sit by his cage and beg for fruit scraps.

Larry will be missed. I hope his spirit is in free flight with a large flock of fellow gray checks, in a place where there are lots of grapes and apples.

No Guns Used: 2 Teens Kill 5 Relatives in OK


Two teenage boys were taken into custody early Thursday after running from the back door of a house in eastern Oklahoma where five of their relatives were found stabbed to death, according to police.

See, it’s not guns that wreak havoc and violence. It’s criminals.

If these felons used a gun, the left-wing politicians and their captive mainstream media would be wailing about “gun violence”. Why is a crime committed with a gun worse that the same crime committed with a different tool? Don’t the lives of knife victims matter?


Triplet Brothers

Triplet Brothers 3Triplet Brothers 1

Brothers Dennis, Douglas, and Donnie are available for adoption at the Yavapai Humane Society in Prescott, Az.
They are playful and friendly!