Mystery Burrow

Mystery Burrow

Looks like we have a new “neighbor” of the non-human kind. An animal has dug this burrow under a fence at the edge of our property. I put my keys next to it to give perspective on the size of the burrow. I think it was made by ground squirrels.

Windows 10 Spyware Backported to Win 7 and 8

If you’re a Windows user, and I feel sorry for those trapped on Windows, you likely have heard that the upcoming Windows 10 is free and is loaded with Microsoft spyware and adware. Now it turns out that Microsoft is adding this spyware and adware into Win 7 and Win 8 via software updates, a processes called backporting. To make matters even worse, this spyware communicates with Microsoft’s servers through nonstandard channels within the OS, so the only currently known way to circumvent is with a customizable router firewall.

Here’s the link:

Garden Snake

Focus Stacked Garden Snake

Garden Snake 2

I was laying down on our patio face to face with this harmless snake. It was about 14 inches long. Several of these, including a much larger one who has avoided my camera, live near our home. in Prescott. They eat insects, they are welcome here.

Fire in the Tunnel

Fire in the Tunnel

A group of us went to shoot fire, in an abandoned road or railway tunnel south of Prescott, Az. Here T. uses an air powered sprayer to simulate a flame thrower. This is a 5 image composite, each shot at ISO 400 f/8 1/90 in a Nikon D600. I combined the layers in Photoshop using the lighten blend mode, and masked out T. to eliminate ghosting.