Chicago, city of knife fights


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In lawless democrat controlled Chicago, an armed robber with a gun is killed by his intended victim. The intended victim killed his attacker with a _knife_. Whoa. Knife vs gun usually ends the other way.

In a similar attack, a 42 year old was attacked on a Chicago train by a gang armed with knives. The intended victim used his own knife to defend himself, stabbing 3 attacker. 5 attackers later arrested.

The Bronx used to have a reputation for skilled knife fighters. Now it’s Chicago.

Hope this does not happen to lakes Mead and Powell


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Those of us in Arizona and all over the intermountain west fear this.

Water levels in the Cerro Prieto reservoir, near Guadalupe in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo León, have been declining for years. But a persistent and deepening drought over the past two years has brought the reservoir, built in the 1980s, to its lowest point yet. In July 2022, the reservoir dropped to 0.5 percent of its capacity of 393 million cubic meters (318,000 acre-feet).

Women the largest group of new gun owners

I guess I am a trend setter. Never been accused of this before 🙂 #RKBA #2A

In the study conducted by Harvard University, one-quarter of the women surveyed said self-defense was the main reason they wanted to purchase a firearm for the first time with many citing the uptick in civil unrest and reduction of law enforcement assets during the summer of 2020.

Recall that 2020 was the new “summer of love”. <sarcasm off>