Lots of kitten photos from the Yavapai Humane Society.







Fall begins



Fall is beginning in Prescott, and it’s most welcome. Not long ago it was “monsoon-ey”: hot, humid (for Az anyway) and wet. Now the humidity is down to normal levels, temperatures are down too. Nights are in the 50’s to 40’s. Nice. We are sleeping with the windows open.
Betty does not like the cool nights, she tunnels under the blankets at night. In the mornings she finds a sunny spot near am east facing window or stays under covers.

Dog rattlesnake training


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We went to Olsen’s Grain Equifest at the Prescott Rodeo grounds today. We saw a demo of how dogs are trained to avoid rattlesnakes, which are common in this area. They use a real rattlesnake which had its fangs trimmed and was milked of venom.
Rattling Rattlesnake

A shock collar is placed on the dog, who get a shock when he goes near the snake. After a few iterations the dog develops a snake phobia.
Rattlesnake Training

During the demo the rattlesnake struck the trainer’s boot. This photo was shot at 1/350th of a second and the snake’s head has a motion blur, so you get an idea of how fast the strike is
Rattlesnake Striking Boot

Yet another data breech, fraud alert


If you have been paying attention to the real (not fake) news, you’ve heard that Equifax, one of the giant credit reporting companies was hacked and 200 million personal credit files, including SS numbers, were stolen.

I just put fraud alerts on mine and Gary’s files. I suggest you do the same.

Info from Equifax:

What’s a fraud alert from the FTC:

Link to put a free fraud alert on your credit file:

Equifax executives dumped their stock before disclosing this breach:

Note to geeks: An unpatched Apache Struts framework was the exploit. The patch was announced on 3/7/2017 and the hack occurred in May, meaning Equifax failed to fix a known vulnerability. Incompetent at the very least, criminally negligent IMHO. Details