Allergies in Prescott: Worst in US


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The Prescott area is known for many things. Most are positive, but there is one that makes many of the area’s residents absolutely miserable.

“We are given the dubious honor of being the number one allergy capital of the country,” said Dr. Susan Godman, founder and owner of Partners in Health Care Naturally in Prescott.

True. Even my dog Shady is suffering with allergies. As am I.


First Swainson’s Hawk photo 2018


Swainson’s hawk in flight, shot through a tree. This is the first Swainson’s hawk photo of the year for me, though I have seen this bird a few times. Not a great shot, but it was what the hawk offered me today.
They are migratory, arrive in Prescott Az in the spring and leave for South America in late summer/early fall. There’s a nest near my home that has been used every year for the past dozen years or so. I’m hoping a pair use it this year.