Politicians Attacked with Shoes, Glitter, Eggs


Great stuff! Video of political leaders pelted with eggs, shoes, glitter. ROFL. I confess that I never heard of a glitter attack before seeing this video. Newt Gingrich and Mario Draghi (head of European Central Bank) are hit with glitter. Hillary Clinton and George Bush with shoes. Much funnier than anything I’ve seen on a so-called comedy show.

April 15th, Tax Day

It’s April 15th. tax day. Let me make a prediction: On the evening news we’ll see long lines of cars at post offices, with people rushing to get their returns postmarked by midnight. As predictable as travel problem stories on Thanksgiving weekend. Thus our cultural calendar turns.

Our taxes were completed and filed months ago, neither of us will be in line at the post office tonight.

I wonder why April 15th was chosen as the tax filing deadline? Could the reason be this is about has far from election day in early October as the calendar allows? I think tax filing day and election day should be one and the same. This would might cause people to vote with taxes, and government spending, in mind.


Obama attempted gun control, but got more guns

When regulators impose their will on markets, there are often unintended consequences. Although these usually are undesirable outcomes, it appears Barack Obama’s failed gun control attempts have produced a commendable result: more guns.

link: http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/obama-attempted-gun-control-but-he-didnt-expect-this-reaction/

Free markets trump politicians. I wonder what will happen when the free market decides to trump the Federal Reserve’s financial repression?