We had our first ever IDPA night match at Yavapai Recreation League.  It went more smoothly than I expected since it was the first one I have ever done. I’ll do a few differently next time, mostly concerning how flashlights are used:

  • We had light shining into one stage from another when people in the other bay were scoring and taping.
  • Also, we need a range command from the shooter indicating when he or she is done and wants others to turn on lights.

Some safety issues I was concerned about beforehand were not problems.:

  1. The need to use flashlights to verify a weapon is clear, and
  2. Horizontal light from flashlights create large areas of shadow behind targets. My concern was that someone could be downrange and not seen i.e. “lost in a shadow”. What we did was have a headcount of the squad before going hot, this worked OK.

Many of the shooters realized they need to practice night shooting and flashlight techniques.

April Night Match scores are here.

This range has no lighting, nor electricity, nor running water. We do have porta-potties. This is rural Arizona, folks, and I like it.