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Scary stuff. I remember the 2002 “Indian” fire (if you follow this link, go to the bottom of the linked article) here in Prescott, AZ. It got into the city limits, several homes burned, many were evacuated.  At the time my mother-in-law was living near the White Spar fire house, she and her neighbors were on standby to be evacuated. She saw glowing embers from the fire drifting in the wind.

This also reminds me of a California joke going around in the late 1990’s: Name the 4 seasons in California? Fire, Flood, Earthquake, and Riot. We in AZ have lots of things to say about CA and the waves of CA “refugees” who move here every year. When we meet someone who moved here from The Peoples Republic of California, we often greet them with “Welcome to America!”.