Illiteracy at Prescott High School

Update 11/26, I got an email from the school principal stating that students broke into the marquee over the weekend and intentionally altered the sign.

I saw this abomination on the marquee of the Prescott High School on 11/25/2007. This is for real. I have not photoshopped the text, promise!

Illiterate Sign at Prescott High School

The writer could no spell the word “had”, it appears as “hade”. On the third line the word “brake” is misused when the writer meant “break”.

Out of 3 simple lines of English Language text, 2 are incorrect. Let’s see, that would be 33.333% or a grade of F. F for failure.

I was really appalled to see this gross illiteracy on public display at a government school that I have to support through my property taxes. And this learned institution is supposed to be teaching students proper English.

6 thoughts on “Illiteracy at Prescott High School

  1. Well, you misspelled the word “not”, so don’t be too hard on others. Anyway, I am sure that the custodians did this. This “learned institution” is in the top 8% in the state for academic achievement. God, I hope you never make a mistake…I guess Hell might freeze over.

  2. Jennifer – I thought this was funny so I took a picture of it. I contacted the school principal and posted her response right on top of the page. I make mistakes all the time, I feel that if I don’t make an error I’m not learning nor trying new things. Errors are how we learn.

  3. Exactly, we all make mistakes. And to be honest, I have 3 pictures of this sign, myself. I went home and got my camera and drove right back up to the school before someone fixed it. Did you know that although Prescott High School scores in the top 8% of schools in the state for academic achievement, they have almost the lowest paid teachers in the state? The tax dollars that residents pay are obviously not very much. I wonder how we can fix it.

  4. [[The writer could no spell the word “had”, it appears as “hade”.]]

    And you cannot spell the word “not”!

    People in glass houses….

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