Merry Christmas to all who visit here.

 It seems to me that I am hearing “Merry Christmas” more often than the bland, politically correct “Happy Holidays” – except for the much commented on sign atop the Prescott city hall. And Prescott is AZ’s Christmas City. Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

And this is a positive trend. Even for the non-Christians among us, this is a great season. Except for the commercialism, increased traffic – never mind, no complaints from me.  Christmas has been bittersweet for me the past 10 years or so because many of the people who passed away in my family have died between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My dad, two grandparents including a grandmother who influenced me greatly and is one of my all time favorite people, my mother-in-law. Even a beloved dog. I’m OK with this bittersweet experience. My brother and I joke with each other “If we live to see the new year then we will live another year”, it seems morbid but it’s not rather it is a shared thought.

No snow here but we do have winter temperatures, 16 degrees F. as the low today with the same forcasted for Christmas day.