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Happy New Year to all!

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. They are hard to stick with, especially those related to deep seated behaviors like “exercise more”, “eat less juk food”, “save more for retirement”, etc. New Year’s celebration strikes me as being arbitary, but I happily accept a paid day off!!

Last night we heard some fireworks at midnight. They woke us up, otherwise we would have happily slept through New Year’s Eve midnight. The dogs did not like the noise one bit! Our lab (75 pounds of dog) insisted on squeezing her way between us on the bed for protection from the fireworks noise. I’m happy to report that she survived.

On the subject of  New Year’s Eve I think a lot of people see sleeping though midnight and not partying as a marker of middle age. When people ask what Gary and I were doing New Year’s Eve and I said “staying home and going to bed around 9”, the middle aged and older folks smiled knowingly.