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We have mice. A couple of days ago I took an item from my pantry and noticed that it had been “sampled” – a bit of it was eaten and not by any family member or guest. Looking at the shelf where this item was stored I saw bits of the wrapper shredded up. We have mice.

I bought some traps. Gary set them, and this morning we had proof – as if we needed any more – a little grey mouse caught. It looked sleek, shiny, and plump. Well fed. Now dead. (there’s a haiku here but that much creativity escapes me right now – anybody?)

Our rat terrier, Suzie Lightning, is a hunter and a predator. She is always lunging at birds, shoving her nose into gopher holes, etc. And her breed was molded to kill rodents. Perhaps we have a partial solution to the mouse problem here? So we let her sniff at the mouse. She found it very interesting and seemed disappointed that it did not wind up in her breakfast bowl. Maybe she will catch one, we’ll see.