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A while back I published this post on problems I had moving Quicken from Windows to Mac OSX.

This weekend I crossed my fingers and bought TurboTax. Both Windows and OS X versions came on the same CD. I installed it with no problems on my mac book pro. It took a while to download and install updates – no problem, I just did something else. The real test was: Would it import last year’s return from the file produced by the Windows version. Yes!! It did so flawlessly! Good work Inutit! I guess the TurboTax developers care about cross platform data portability, and the Quicken team does not.

This saved me lots of time. Once I was able to find my financial records and figure out the cost basis of some securities I sold, my tax chores went fine – as long as I don’t think about how much of my property the federal and state government are extorting from me. My income is my property, just as yours is yours. Since we absolutely own our own bodies and use them to earn our income. This is true whether we do manual labor or intellectual tasks.