On Sunday we went to a birthday party for Gary’s uncle Bob in Cottonwood, AZ. I had a great time reconnecting with some family members we don’t see often. I found it quite joyful. Some live out of state, some in the next town over from us. One gentleman said to me, “I have not seen you in a while”.  When I remarked that we live within a 30 minute drive, he said his brother lives a mile from him and they only see each other once a year. Everyone agreed it was wonderful to have a family gathering that was not a funeral. Gary’s mom was one of eight siblings of which 3 are alive. The family went through a period where we were attending one funeral after another.

Gary and I decided that we will make a real effort to get out of the pattern of not visiting family. There’s something deeply primal and natural about being with family.

Here are a few photos: