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After much searching and repeated calls to local gun shops, we now own a pair of Ruger LCP .380 handguns. The are made (mostly) right here in Prescott, AZ.

Our Ruger expert says the LCP’s should be broken in by firing ~ 100 rounds through each. Gee, that’s a real hardship (not!). We have obtained a couple hundred rounds of .380 FMJ ammo, as well as a few boxes of Federal Hydra shocks – carry or “meat” ammo. The plan is to go out to the YRL range Friday evening and burn up the FMJ ammo, and try a magazine or so of the Hydra shocks to confirm they feed reliably. Never carry ammo in a weapon that you have not verified that it feeds every time. Even though they cost around a buck each, you must test them in your weapon.

After we play with the LCP’s I’ll post our first impressions and some photos.