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As promised, here’s a few images of our new Ruger LCP .380 pistols in use. We like them! They are very light and so are a handful to shoot. It had a bit less felt recoil than my Smith and Wesson Airwieght .38 Special using standard loads. After ~ 100+ rounds through each we feel these are very reliable. And accurate for pocket pistols.

LCP Cycling. We had 1 failure to fire in ~ 250 rounds, I was shooting one handed, weak hand, it might have been my fault.

LCP Cycling

Gary shooting 2 LCPs SASS Gunfighter Styl

LCP Gary Shooting Gunfighter Style

My hand aiming LCP. Taken with Nikon D80 with 50 mm lens, camera in my right hand, pistol in my left hand. “Though the lens sight picture”. The yellow paint on the front sight was a modification we made.

LCP Sight Picture

Group I fired at 7 yards with Federal Hydra Shoks. Not bad at all for a pocket pistol.

LCP 7 Yard Group