For those who don’t know, the Intel 8086 was the great-great-great grandfather of the Pentium chip in your PC or Mac. The family is 30 years old. Here’s a ComputerWorld article.

The 8086, 8088 (cpu in the very first IBM PC), and 80286 had a segmented memory architecture that drove us programmers to abuse substances 🙂  Hey, I was young then. You could only address 64K directly, then you had to fool with the segment registers to get to more of the 24 bit total address space. This was finally fixed in the 80386 with its 32 bit flat architecture.

I also remember the 8080, 8085, and my favorite of the 8 bit world the 8051 microcontroller (an 8085 variant designed for embedded applications). The 8051 was the first microprocessor I really worked with professionally. I fondly remember the Intel micro development system that could emulate this chip at full speed. The first microprocessor I ever programmed was the 6502 (not an Intel chip).