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I got a new cell phone yesterday, a LG enV2 from Verizon. I wanted an iPhone. But we use Verizon because they have good coverage while out in the “boonies”. My husband’s railroad job takes him to the boonies often. A working phone is far better than a fancy handset with no signal. We have 2 lines that use the same pool of air time. So, no iPhone for me.

This phone has a camera, removable micro sd card (bought extra, of course), it opens up and has a keyboard. And it even places and receives phone calls.

Update 27 June 2008:

I like this phone. When I was looking at phones, I wanted a simple phone that had a camera. Gary liked the enV series phones (he has an older one) and he wanted me to get one too. On his phone, the buttons on the outside are hard to read. On mine, they are larger. Many of us who are over 50 (or perhaps over 40) have difficulty seeing the controls on the very small phones.

I’m not a heavy cell phone user, I don’t get email on it or use it to access the web. I have a MacBook Pro for that. I have used the camera in the phone a few times. It’s nice to have a real, though small, keyboard for entering names and numbers. I do know how to text, BTW, but I find it less appealing than email or voice mail.