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If you’re using iBank financial software and have a Discover card which was assigned a new card number, you may no longer be able to download transactions. This happened to me. Here is the fix:

  • Select the Discover account
  • On the top menu, click “Account”
  • Select “Disable Account Access”
  • On the top menu, click “Account”
  • Select “Setup Account Access”
  • Enter your Discover user id and password
  • Click Download Transactions
  • If all is well, your transactions will download to iBank

I had a bizzare transaction download called “Transfer of Balance”. To get my accout right, I entered a transaction for this amount with the sign reversed and my iBank Discover account is now correct.

Discover, this was a pain in the a**. You did not post iBank instructions, only Quicken and MS Money. I was able to figure out what to do after reading those. Discover, not everyone is stuck with a Windows pc. Don’t “diss” your Mac customers.X