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A friend of my step son came out of the Phoenix heat to vist. He brought with him an older windows pc that has been transformed into a door stop by malware. Guess who was expected resurrect the thing? Yes, me. I do earn my daily bread working with computers, software, etc. But I really don’t care for the desktop stuff. Oh well. All of us in this field get to be the uncompensated support staff for relatives, friends, friends of relatives, etc.

I expected the usual viruses, adware, and spyware that plagues windows pc’s which are not armored with firewalls, virus scanners, constant os updaters, etc. This one had a few viruses and spybots, but it also had a rootkit. I have never encountered one of these, though I have read about them. I had to peel back layers of malware just to be able to boot into safe mode command line. After a while I decided to just reinstall windows, replacing everything.

Makes me appreciate our Apple MacBookPro and iMac even more!