We recently bought Adobe Lightroom 2. We’re learning our way through it, so far it seems to be “camera raw on steroids” plus some additional new functions. I like the ability to save presets – a set of parameters – and them apply them to images later on. On the downside, Lightroom 2 is a resource pig. This is the first program that feels slow on my MacBook Pro. It used all 2 GB of ram, so I bought 4 GB and this helped a lot. Memory has gotten inexpensive, I found 4 GB of PC5300 ram for less than $90 including shipping. Installed it this morning. The Macbook Pro has 2 memory slots, so I had to take out the original 2 GB  and replaced it with 4 GB on 2 simm’s. Anyone want to buy the original 2 GB?

I also bought an ebook on Lightroom from Michael Clark. I really like ebooks for anything but fiction. They are PDF files, so they are searchable. And trees do not have to die. I just started with the book so I don’t have an opinion on it yet.