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Update 30 Aug 2008: It’s our hope that Annie will not be on pain meds indefinitely. We have already reduced the dosage she is taking. Ideally, her arthritis will be controlled by the anti-inflammatory and we’ll give her the opioid pain meds when needed. Hopefully this will not be often.


Our black lab Annie is about 12 years old. We adopted her as an adult in 2001 (or got her used as Gary says) so we don’t know her exact age. Like many senior dogs, she has some arthritis. On Sunday, suddenly she was yelping and walking with a bad limp. I gave her some of the prescription meds she takes for this, but they were ineffective.

Off to the vet for an exam and x-rays. Vet x-rays are digital now, but I don’t have the imge file 😦 These showed a lot of artritis in her spine by her rib cage. So the vet changed her NSAID meds. This did not help much.

So I discussed the problem with our vet. She gave me some pain meds. These worked wonders. They are a synthetic opiod. So our dog is on dope. I wonder if she’s high …