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Update 12/31/2008: Our LCP’s have been returned. 8 days, including Christmas Day. Very good turn around, Ruger!  Each gun came back with the promised extra magazine. Plus, each came back with a Ruger LCP hat (photo below). So this completes out LCP recall story.

Ruger LCP hat

Ruger LCP hat

Update 12/20/2008: Our LCP’s are going out to Ruger on Monday 12/22

Update 12/17/2008: We received our 3 shipping boxes from Ruger to return our LCP’s for the recall. I will post here when we get them back so others can see how long the process takes. I hear Ruger will give a free magazine for each LCP that goes through the recall.

Some Ruger LCP pistols are being recalled. Seems they can discharge (fire a bullet) if dropped in a certain way onto a hard surface. Opps, BANG  – Only kidding. Here’s a link to the Ruger page which tells how to determine if your LCP is being recalled. Michael Bane’s blog has some discussion on this issue.

We’ll  check our LCP’s this weekend, though I think ours have the latest hammer assembly.