Not because of nonpayment or anything like that. PlanetArgon is no longer selling shared hosting services for Ruby on Rails (RoR) applications. Shared hosting works fine for the low volume Rails application I have, ActionShootingScores.com. They’re selling a higher end solution that I don’t need, nor want to pay for. Too bad, I was very happy with their service.

The issue for me, other than finding a new host, I developed my RoR application 2 years ago and the the framework has evolved since then. I have not had to do any maintenance on the program (because I did such a fine job writing it?) since 2006. So, I have to get it on the current framework before I can move it to a new host.

My MacBookPro came from Apple with Ruby, gems, and even the rails framework preinstalled. If you have OS X Leopard you have all this too. Bet most don’t know that, or even care. I installed MySQL on my mac when I first got it, so I thought I was ready to go.

Well, no. The preinstalled stuff was really old. Of course, the computer is about a year old. The trick to getting Rails going was the following commands in terminal:

sudo gem update –system

(not the above should have 2 minus signs, wordpress seems not to like this)

sudo gem update rake

sudo gem install rails

I was missing the first one, which needed to be run first. Now I can run the RoR samples. I tried my existing code with RoR 2.1.3 and got a bunch of errors. Guess I have a bit of work to do. At least I have some time before this becomes critical.