Sometime back I posted that I am trying an allergy treatment called Allergy Easy. I have reached my maintenance dosage (10 drops twice per week) and did a doctor visit this week. I had a bad reaction to the full strength serum the first day I used it (2 drops). I was able to handle it with a high dose of antihistamines and decongestants. I’ve had allergy and breathing problems for years, when it gets bad and I’m not getting enough air I’ve learned not to panic but to “hit the problem really hard” with medication. This time I did not need to use my inhaler nor  my epi pen.

This time of year is my worst for allergies. While my allergies are really bad, they are significantly less bad than they were at this time last year and less bad than I expected. So, the Allergy Easy treatment has helped me. I’m 4 months into a 2 year program with it. So far I believe it has helped me.

I am still taking 3 allergy medications, thought at lower dosages than at this time last year. When I was at the doctor’s, he told me to back off on the medications at the beginning of summer and see how I feel.