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I just read Support for Obama on healthcare slips: poll and I see that folks are beginning to realize that government run health care, which I’ll call FedHealth, is a bad deal for most of us. Those who want something for nothing, i.e. someone else to pay for their medical needs, are in favor as are those who relish the federal government getting even bigger and more powerful. I am not in either group!

From the linked article:

Public support for President Barack Obama‘s handling of healthcare reform, the pillar of his legislative agenda, has fallen below 50 percent for the first time, a Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Monday said.

Republicans and some fiscally conservative Democrats argue the plan, with an estimated cost of more than $1 trillion, could hurt small businesses, add to budget deficits and reduce the quality of medical care for many Americans.

Those concerns may be having an impact on the public, according to the poll, which showed 49 percent of respondents approving of Obama’s stand on the issue compared to 57 percent in April.

Obama and the Democrats are trying to rush this through so people don’t have a chance to think about it.