Today’s the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival, the zenith of 60’s hippie culture. Peace and Love. I was 13 at the time, so of course I was not there. But I was in the neighborhood.

My family lived in the Bronx, NY. But we spend a lot of time in upstate NY, in Sullivan County. Not too far from Bethel where the festival took place. As the crowd got larger and larger, the local roads were backed up. The crowd was 10 times the county’s population. That weekend was the only time the NY State Thruway was ever closed down.

I thought it was cool to see all the hippies milling around. Some even used a nearby lake for a bathtub. My grandparents thought otherwise, that this was an invasion of “dirty hippies”. In fact, I don’t remember them saying hippie without the dirty prefix.