In July I posted about the night my lab was sprayed by a skunk. This morning we had something of a replay. I was getting ready for work when I heard a lot of serious barking. One of the rat terriers, Suzie, had gotten sprayed. The other terrier and the lab had a small bit of spray on them too.

This time I was able to close the utility room door before any dog could get into the house. The doggie door goes into the utility room. That was really good, last time the sprayed dog ran through the house into our bedroom. This time I had the deskunking materials on hand and knew what to do (see the linked post for details). Also good.

Today the skunk was still in the yard. Lacy had it cornered against the fence. I was able to get her leashed without me getting sprayed. I found out that skunks make a hissing sound when they are really frightened or angry.

I found out that a little dog is easier to deskunk than a large one. A white dog will show the area sprayed as a light brown stain.

Now it’s off to work …