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I had trouble catching my breath – swine flu? asthma? NO, uncontrollable laughter! It seems that Microsoft’s data center that was storing the data for T-Mobile Sidekick phones lost all the data folks entrusted them with. Why do I find this funny? Because it’s Microsoft, a company I have come to detest and despise. At my job I have to deal with their crappy products. The Microsoft subsidiary at fault is named “Danger”. I’m not making this up. Sort of like depositing your money at a bank called “First National Defunct”.

This did not happen to the Apple iPhone, it did not happen to Verizon cell phones. Nor to Google’s gmail, calendar, or online documents. It was Microsoft that failed.

To those users who suffered the data loss, I’m not laughing at you. It surely sucks. Choose a reliable vendor next time you store your data in the cloud.