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My just over 2 years old MacBook Pro battery had to be replaced. The computer was raising the “Service Battery” alert. I tried removing and replacing it, but no, this didn’t fix the problem. It ran fine on a/c power, and also on the battery as long as there was over 1 hour remaining. Under that, it would shut off unexpectedly at random intervals.

So I took it to Argosy West in Prescott, where they ran a test on the battery and it needed to be replaced. They ordered one for me and replaced the bad one the next day. I had purchased the 3 year warranty when I bought the computer, but Apple only warranties batteries for 1 year. The new battery cost $130. And Apple won’t sell you a new battery unless you turn in your old one. There must be something of value that they recycle in the old battery. I thought about getting a third party battery (I saw several on the internet) but since I have almost a year left in my warranty I decided to get the Apple battery.

Apple, I’m a bit disappointed. Two years seems too soon to have to replace the battery. And I would have been happy if the 3 year warranty covered it.