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On March 26, 2010 I had a skin cancer surgically removed from my forehead. It was a basal cell carcinoma, which is the less dangerous type of skin cancer. I have many of the risk factors for these – light complexion, blue eyes, I live in a climate with very strong sunshine. My father had several of these late in his life, and I have his complexion.
It was removed by my dermatologist, Richard Cirelli, whom I recommend wholeheartedly. He cut it out in an outpatient procedure in his office which took 45 minutes. The procedure was not too bad. After the local anesthetic wore off, it was rather painful. I took some¬†vicodin that Dr. Cirelli prescribed and was able to get some sleep that night. I’m writing about 30 hours after the surgery and I have some discomfort but the worst has passed.
One of the hardest things to deal with for me was the word “cancer”, as in my doctor said I have it. Some internet research showed me that this type of cancer is minor if treated promptly. I’m handing it.