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My Macbook Pro, aged around 4 years, decided on 7/4/2011 that it would not like to active its screen.  Black.  It chimed as is started, but that was it.  I did the usual Mac things, like resetting the system controller. Didn’t work.

I took it to Argosy West in Prescott where Tony did some tests and found that the logic board (mother board to you PC folks) was toast.  The good news was this mac had one of the defective Nvidia video chips that were known to be in some macs of this vintage. And the Nvidia chip in my mac failed a diagnostic test Tony performed.  So Apple, to their credit, agreed to replace the logic board for free. Yes, free. On a 4-year-old machine. Wow. I’m happy and am even more of an Apple fan than I was yesterday.