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A Timeline of Today’s Black Friday Mayhem – National – The Atlantic Wire.

I’m laughing so hard my eyes are tearing up.  But it’s not funny, it’s sad and it’s sick.

First fight at Walmart 12:01 am in NY.  It took until 1:13 am for the first gunfire to erupt, in Myrtle Beach.  Amazing restraint and peacefulness this year I guess.

We did no go to Walmart, or any big box store to fight or to shoot or be shot to save a dollar on crappy Chinese imports. I walked the dogs, later I went to a local video rental shop and got Atlas Shrugged then to a grocery store for some dairy  and produce items.  I did buy a few items on sale that were not on my list.  Gary did not even leave our property today. Guess we are just not keeping up with the trends in our society, or what’s left of it.