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Yesterday (12/26) Gary and I went to Phoenix to visit friend Joe. We took Lacey and Suzie along. Lacey was previously Joe’s dog, he sent her to us when he became too ill to care for her.  Joe was really happy to have Lacey, and us, visit him. And we had not seen Joe since late summer when he came to Prescott for a visit. For those who know Joe, he says that he is “getting by” with his health issues.  We (humans) went to eat at an Outback restaurant – the Outback in Prescott closed a while back and we like their food. My brother Steve was kind enough to send us an Outback gift card for Christmas which was put to good use. Thanks for a good meal, Steve!

On the ride back north, and up hill to 5500 feet, Gary and I were discussing this Christmas season. We both felt that it was one of the best Christmases we’ve had. We skipped the shopping mall mania and the materialism. We got each other practical gifts and took care of the grandchildren, got a few things for close friends but did not overdo it. Many evenings were spend visiting with good friends. A nice dinner Mark’s house, we got to meet Betty’s son and grandson who were in town for a visit, Christmas dinner with Sean and Kristi (Kristi is a wonderful cook!), and our visit with Joe. I had a few days off from work, Gary had almost 2 weeks off, so we had time to relax. We spoke with out of town family by computer and phone. This will serve as a model of Christmas  celebration for our family going forward.