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Wilted Flower, originally uploaded by dagnyg.
Another work week is over, and this is how I feel. Tired, pretty burned out, weary.
Am I getting old?  Have I been doing the same kind of work for too long?  I think it’s the latter. 34 years of software, computers, programming, etc. since I graduated from college in 1977, a long time ago. My career has been good to me. I’ve been able to make a nice living, worked with interesting people, never been unemployed for a long spell. I’ve had choices – something really important to my well-being. Still, it has been a long time.
I’m not complaining. I have a very good life. And I don’t want to whine on the blog. Just thinking out loud, in public which is new for me.
So how to play out the next few years, the end game?  End games can be dangerous as there’s little if any time to recover from mistakes.
This has come into focus recently as Gary is retiring from his job of 32 years at the end of February. And I have been feeling restless. I’ve got a few more years to work – at least that’s my plan at the moment.
More later.