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I’ve been reading debate about whether or not the penalty for not having health insurance under Obamacare is a tax or not. Folks, this is a non issue. The tax on the productive economy, you know that “thing” that creates food, shelter, transportation, energy, other products and services is what the government at all levels spends. It matters not whether the taking is called a tax or penalty. There’s no difference between a direct taking such as sales tax on a retail purchase or income tax or medicare tax or social security tax taken from your paycheck vs. money borrowed by the government selling bonds or the federal reserve printing unbacked dollars. Government spending = Tax burden.

My personal opinion on health care: It is a responsibility not a right. Since I own my body I am responsible for staying healthy by my lifestyle choices primarily, and seeking help when I am ill. If I have minor children then I am responsible for their health too.

Today we have cost problem in the health care industry. The cost basis is way too high. What will bring it down? Increased supply of health care providers and much less government regulation of this sector of the economy. The health care  industry is controlled by a group of interlocking cartels who have succeeded in maintaining monopoly profits because they have captured the government regulatory apparatus and are using it to create barriers to entry.

Yes, these are radical ideas. When conventional remedies continually provide one failure after another, we can conclude that they are incorrect. Time for radical thinking.