Today on Black Friday …

… hoards of Americans will line up, and wait, and fight, and at way-too-early-for-a-day-off hours, to get discounts that studies have shown aren’t even the best deals around—and they’ll do it because of scientific reasons outside of their control. For those of us who refuse to partake in our most commercial of modern holiday traditions, this insanity may make no sense, especially with Cyber Monday three days later, and without the lines, the other humans, and the fighting.

From http://www.theatlanticwire.com/national/2012/11/why-we-love-black-friday-according-science/59146/

Coupons are relaxing, waiting in line is a ritual. It is interesting that researchers are studying this. So, if you really want to do the Black Friday thing now you can claim that science (junk or not?) says it is out of your control. I don’t really “buy” this theory, but who knows? If a woman was arrested in Sweden for having sex with a skeleton, then anything is possible.

For me – I’m not going to a mall today and I can’t even comment on the skeleton thing and keep a straight face. I might do some online shopping and visit some small, locally owned shops in town.