Is a year that ends with 13 unlucky?  Sure hope not.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.  We don’t do much for New Year’s Eve, our partying days are well behind us. Gary said that in order for a drunk driver to harm us on New Year’s Eve, they would have to drive through the yard and the house. Thankfully that has not happened!  There were some fireworks in town which woke us up at midnight. Upset the 3 of the dogs, one started growling and barking to drive off whatever was making that noise. She succeeded, no fireworks got into the house. Good job, Lacy. 2 others were frightened and shaking, the third just slept. Her idea was the best one.

New Year’s resolutions? Not really. My intentions for 2013 is for all of us to stay well, enjoy our lives, be appreciative of what we have. Simple. Workable.