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Rage quitting is a term from games (I’m not a gamer but I like the phrase) where someone suddenly exits the game after having things go poorly for them, and often accompanied with some profanity.

In the work world a rage quit can be handing your ID badge, keys, etc. to your boss saying “I’m out of here” or some such.  Yesterday we had two such incidents in my building, one in my department and one in a group across the hall. Is there something in the water? The atmosphere? The emotional ether? Both individuals were people who retired and then returned to work part-time.

One of these folks I knew well, the other I did not recognize his name right away. For the one I know, this is way out of character. I have been pissed off at work, more than once in my 35 year career, but never quite that badly. Wow. I was shocked. Not a exit I would recommend.