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Regular readers know my mom passed away in February. It’s been a surprisingly difficult time for me, surprising because I was not close to my mom. We talked weekly (she refused to learn to email), and generally saw each other once a year or so. She lived in FL, I live in AZ.

This week we sold her condo in Tamarac ( near Ft. Lauderdale). We being my brother and I. Mom lived in a huge retirement condo complex called Kings Point. There were other, similar complexes in the immediate area.

The sale closed on Wednesday. We were fortunate with this as the condo was costing us about $600 – $700 each month with condo fees and utilities. After her passing we hired someone to clean up the place and get it ready to be sold. While this was being done, a neighbor of hers had friends visiting them who were close to retiring and they looked at the place and liked it.