I grew up in the Bronx. In the ’60s the polite term for a black person was “negro”, the other “n” word was more common in certain circles.  Check this out:

One of the first lessons one learns in English class is that context is everything. The same holds true in Spanish.

Take the case of Petrona Smith. She says in a lawsuit that she was fired from teaching at Bronx PS 211 in March 2012 after a seventh-grader reported that she’d used the “N” word, according to The New York Post.


Smith doesn’t deny using the word. But she argues that everyone uses it, when speaking Spanish. She was teaching the Spanish words for different colors, and the color “black” in Spanish is “negro.” She also taught the junior high school students, in this bilingual school, that the Spanish term for black people is “moreno.” And by the way, Smith, who is from the West Indies, is black.

Here the link:  http://news.yahoo.com/fired-word-negro-spanish-class-135016980.html

I believe the response to political correctness is laughter. So, this is me laughing.