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The iMac I ordered a couple of weeks ago arrived this week. It’s huge. I’m used to my 15 inch MacBook Pro, this screen is 27 inches and has more pixels that the two monitors I have at work.  I have to look for the window I want. I’m sure I will be used to it very shortly. My laptop is 5 1/2 years old, it’s getting up there in terms of mean time between failures, so I bought this from Small Dog Electronics. They let you order a custom configuration and ship it, no sales tax and $5 for ground shipping. I ordered some extra memory modules and have 24 megs. I got the 2 MB graphics card as I do a lot of photo editing.

I had a minor glitch getting my FireWire 800 RAID array to connect to the iMac’s thunderbolt port via an adapter I bought from Apple, but it is working fine now.

I’m happy!