A busy weekend with great fall weather at 5300 feet in the Central Arizona Highlands.

Friday, the city of Prescott was kind enough to have a local trash drop off site (free!) in our area, which saved us a trip to the dump. Then we had lunch with a friend of Gary’s from the railroad, known as “Pinky”, and Mrs. Pinky too. A nice meal at the Prescott Brewing Company.  The Suzie had a vet appointment for a vaccination and health exam – she is doing well the vet said.

Saturday, we shot an IDPA match in Wilhoit at the Prescott Action Shooters’ range. Been a while since I shot a pistol, and my score reflected this. Had a lot of fun, spent the day outside. We were pretty wiped out the rest of the day – you know how it is with old people.

Sunday was chore day. Laundry. Grocery shopping. House cleaning. Fun, fun stuff. I did get out for a long dog walk.

I didn’t take any photos this weekend.