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Those who know me in real life likely know that I have respiratory issues from allergies and asthma from time to time.  Last night was one of those times. I woke up around 11 pm struggling to breathe. I got the message across to Gary, which was not trivial since I didn’t quite have enough breath to talk. No air to exhale, no speech comes out. This was not my “standard” asthma problem, which I know how to treat with an inhaler and some other meds. This was frightening.

At the ER they did an EKG, chest x-ray, took blood and urine, etc.  They said it is dyspnea, a new word for me meaning shortness of breath. Caused by an allergy. They gave me an injection, the name of it escapes me, that helped clear it up but also gave me some mild visual hallucinations. Nothing bad, jus the ceiling getting wavy. Not the 1970’s magic mushroom kind of hallucination – such things are way in the past.

I’m breathing OK today, feeling a bit out of sorts from last night’s adventure. One I hope not to repeat. I go to see my primary care doctor on Friday morning. Life happens.