After my ER experience on Tuesday night, I saw my primary care doctor this morning. The hospital faxed my test results, etc, to her. BTW she said this often does not happen. I phoned the hospital medical records department yesterday and asked them to transfer this info to my doctor in time for my appointment on Friday. This worked.

My Dr. agreed with the idea that I had some kind of allergy attack. They tested for other issues and did not find anything, so this is what’s left. Plus, I have a long history with allergies. The question in my mind was “will it happen again since we don’t really know what it was?”. My Dr. suggested I do nothing at this time, if I have another episode of this she said I should treat it like an allergy or asthma attack – use my inhaler and take a high dose of Benadryl. If it recurs I will have to do some allergy testing.  I hope the whole thing is behind me.

And it was nice not working for a few days, taking it easy. Practice for retirement!