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Apple Blossoms Beginning


Apple blossoms are starting to emerge this spring in Prescott, Az.

I got my D600 back from Nikon. It had been recalled, as have all the D600’s. Nikon replaced the shutter mechanism, cleaned the internal parts including the sensor, and adjusted the autofocus. I was not having the oily sensor issue some people had with their D600, my sensor did get dusty often – I live in Az where everything gets dusty. I am happy to have it back, my iPhone camera does a nice job for a phone or a little point and shoot. But nothing takes photos like a quality DSLR with good lenses.

Note to Nikon: Thanks for the repairs. But the camera came back with its configuration set to factory defaults. Yes, this has to be done for testing and service, I get that. It is a pain to have to go through all the menus and set things back where I had them – when I cam remember these were. So how about providing a function to save the configuration data to a file on the memory card, and one to read this back into the camera?