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Been reading/watching the news from Baghdad, Iraq in the last week or two? To me, this echoes the Fall of Saigon, Vietnam in 1975. As a baby boomer, the war in Vietnam loomed large when I was young. I remember they were drafting the young men for that war, more than a few from my high school and neighborhood were taken. Gary had to register for the draft when he turned 18 (though he was not drafted). And the numbers of Americans killed and wounded there was much larger than those lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Just as the group called ISIS is now taking area after area from the government we set up in Baghdad, the Viet Cong  and north Vietnamese fighters did the same to the regime we installed there. We seem to have learned nothing from that mess 39 years ago. What a horrific waste of lives and resources.

Perhaps people will realize that the real enemy of peace, liberty, freedom and human happiness is the State itself. Maybe not.