Update 7/20/2014: Rocky, the dog I handled and am pictured with, was adopted by the man Gary sent photos to. He emailed Gary and said the photos Gary sent convinced him to go to the shelter and check out Rocky. Rocky was just what he was looking for, and so he was adopted!


We volunteered to help at a YHS dog adoption event on Saturday. We went to the shelter, picked up the dog I was asked to handle, then went to the Tractor Supply store in Prescott Valley. There were 7 dogs going to the event, each had his or her handler. Gary went to take photos (the ones here he took) and a couple more volunteers also went.

Here’s the YHS tent in front of the store

And here is Rocky and me. Did I mention that he is friendly and likes people?

Three dogs got adopted at this event, unfortunately Rocky was not one of them. A lady took a thorough look at him and said her boyfriend was looking for a dog and Rocky might be a good fit. Gary emailed some photos of Rocky to the boyfriend, perhaps he will be interested enough to check Rocky out at the YHS shelter.