Yesterday Gary and I helped a friend load a u-haul truck with furniture and boxes of household goods. Her brother, daughter, and a cousin were there helping too. It was hot and humid, typical Az monsoon conditions, and not fun at all to be doing heavy work. Today we are sore and tired.

The question of the day is Why do people always move in the summer? Folks with school age children don’t want to switch schools during a school year, this makes sense. But the friend we helped is not in this group, her daughter is an adult in her 30’s. The last 2 times I moved was in August. I moved to Prescott from Phoenix in 1999 and locally in 2000. My move to Prescott occurred when I was able to find work here. I rented a house for a year to make sure things were going to work out OK, then when my 1 year lease expired I bought our present home. So there are my 2 August moves.

Or does it just seem like moves take place in the summer months because the work of moving is so much worse in hot weather?