On Labor Day afternoon Suzie takes a nap, a break from the strenuous tasks she accomplished already. She went for a walk with her pack mates and a human in the morning before it got too hot. Later, the humans left the territory for reasons unknown to Suzie. While they where out, she was on guard duty. There are 2 Australian Shepards in the territory to the east. And 3 dogs in the adjoining territory to the south including Snow who is a 75 pound monster, along that new terrier named Bonnie who looks formidable. Add the occasional roaming cat and assorted people and dogs that sometimes pass in front of Suzie’s territory along the road. Suzie is pleased to report that no dog or cat trespassed while she was on alert, not a mouthful of food was taken, and no intruder relieved themselves on the land.

A job well done, as usual. Now it is nap time. Then dinner.