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Phoenix, which is down the hill from us, is having all kinds of professional spectator sports going this week. The Phoenix Open golf tournament is going on now, I heard they have record attendance. Last weekend was the Pro Bowl football game. This Sunday is the big one, the Superbowl.

And it’s raining. In the Valley of the Sun and here up the hill in Prescott too. Those of us who live in very arid climates appreciate the rain or snow, we get very little. It’s a change from the usual, plus we seem to be in a perpetual drought and any moisture falling from the sky helps to reduce this. I have to think that folks who spent very big bucks to come here for any of the sports events don’t share our enjoyment of this rain.

We avoid the Phoenix area as much as possible, especially when there are events like these going on. It’s hard to get around in the Phoenix area, which is about 100 miles of suburban sprawl separated by traffic jams. Add in these crowds, and it does not improve things.

Personally, I never saw the appeal of professional spectator sports. Live or on TV. Watch a bunch of millionaires throwing, catching, hitting a ball? I am clearly in the small minority on this one, as I often am on many facets of popular culture. Yes, I can be a cranky opinionated dinosaur. To those who enjoy these things, great, have a good time. I won’t be fighting you for a parking spot.