If you use the Adobe suite of photo/graphics applications, you likely have heard that Lightroom CC was released today. What’s new is documented all over the web so I’ll skip all that here. I had a some frustration installing this, so here’s what I did. These are OS X instructions but Windows should be similar. You must have a full 64 bit OS to use Lightroom CC.

  1. log out of creative cloud. to do this, click the CC icon in the menu bar, then the little gear icon on the top right. select preferences. click the sign out button.
  2. now sign into creative cloud. you should see Lightroom CC listed in your apps with an install button. click that button.
  3. now click Lightroom CC. if it comes up and asks to convert your library, say yes and you are good to go.
  4. if not, and mine crashed instantly on starting, log off CC and then back in. repeat step 3.
  5. if it still crashes, uninstall Lightroom CC. Then log off and onto CC, try to install again.
  6. when finished, check your plug in manager for updating plug ins. I had a few to update.

I think I uninstalled once and logged in and out of CC half a dozen times. Ugh. Come on Adobe, get this right.

(OS X specific) The installed app in /Applications and is called Adobe Lightroom. Not Adobe Lightroom CC, not Not Adobe Lightroom CC 2015. Why should it be named in a manner consistent with the other Adobe CC application, that would make things too easy. Also, the icon for the new Lightroom is identical to the one for Lightroom 5, so you can’t tell them apart in the dock at a glance.


Update 4/23/2015:  Here is Scott Kelby’s write up of this problem: http://lightroomkillertips.com/if-youre-having-lightroom-cc-install-issues I had the fix a couple of days before he did 🙂