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Remember all the warnings and alerts spewing forth from the federal fear and panic machine for the July 4th holiday? On TV I saw a report from New York City which said 7 thousand troops er, cops with M4’s assault rifles, body armor, radiation detectors, poison gas detectors, bomb detectors were on patrol. They even took the trash containers off the streets!

So, what happened? You likely heard nothing about terror attacks. That’s because the mainstream media did not trumpet the attacks in Chicago, where 9 were killed and 46 wounded. Or the 4 dead in Milwaukee. Or the 2 dead, 5 injured in Louisville. Or any of the others. Why not, don’t these lives matter? They don’t fit the MSM narrative, so they don’t get reported beyond the local media. They were not killed by muslim jihadis, or arabs, or white confederate flag wavers. They were killed or injured by criminals in their own communities, likely the same race as the victims. Don’t crime victims’ lives matter?