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The plumbing woes continue at our 194o’s era home we call The Farmhouse. We discovered a water leak under the driveway a little while ago, today the plumbing contractor started work to reroute the water line. When they dug up the connection at the water meter, they discovered the line was full of leaks. The first photo is a pool of water that leaked from the line just past the water meter. Also, the ground by the footer of the house was found to be wet.

More Water Line Leaks

Here’s the end of the trench by the house and you can see (look hard) the hole drilled through the foundation into the crawl space. The new water line will go through this hole and be connected to the water pipe in the crawlspace beneath the house.

Hole Into Crawl Space

Trench across the driveway.
Driveway Trench<

Debris pile along the driveway.
Debris Pile 1

And if you’re wondering, the answer is yes, this is an expensive repair.