Chino Valley, a town to the north of Prescott, is one of the best places to grow marijuana – medical marijuana of course, not the recreational kind.

“Chino was identified a long time ago, like more than 20 years ago, as one of the top three regions in the state,” said John Morgan, the dean at Yavapai College’s Career and Technical Education campus near the airport. “You want your greenhouses between the (4,000) and 6,000 feet elevations, because that’s where you find the true four seasons, that’s critical.”

Morgan was one of the people who spoke in favor of the medical marijuana grow industry in Chino Valley at the Nov. 17 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

“You want good water, you don’t want a bunch of pollution, so you need good sunlight,” Morgan said. “Then you need the right kind of water too … and that Big Chino aquafer is pretty good water. It’s (Chino Valley), Willcox and Snowflake that are the top three regions in the state.

Some residents of Chino Valley object to the new, legal marijuana farms.